18flip track visitors behaviour on your Business Website using Google Analytics.

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We provide you website marketing data to make the right business decisions.

18flip is a modern Web Analytics Agency in Bangalore

18flip is web analytics agency, uses website tracking services to create insights dash board from your business website and mobile apps. Our potential data-driven digital analytics services let you know how much revenue generated from specific online marketing channels.

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Google Analytics Tag Integration - Collect Data - Data Processing - Data Reporting

18flip analytics consultants setup properly google tag manager tags and google analytics tags on your business website to track marketing KPIs data.

We collect the various marketing data sets of your website. (users of website, Website loading time, Traffic source, Website user interaction Events data, Ecommerce Purchase data, Enhance ecommerce data, Real time users data). 18flip team set up effective sales funnel in web pages to measure your website goals. 18flip is a digital analytics agency, offering not only digital analytcis services but also digital marketing agency in bangalore for your business to achieve the best marketing data results.

  • 18flip Analyst implement tracking pixels on your website and mobile app using Google Tag Management tool (GTM).
  • 18flip consultent setup heat map tool to track what your visitors doing on your website.
  • 18flip track & collect the KPIs from your social community (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube).
  • 18flip team study user behavior on your landing pages and enhance user experiance by A/B testing for sucesseful online marketing campaigns.
  • We provide which content category generating more online revenue on your business website.
  • 18flip dig website metrics and dimensions in google analytics tool to build visualization reports.

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