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18flip agency expand your business with integrated online marketing strategies and Promotions.

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18flip is a digital media agency in bangalore offering outstanding marketing services to small, medium and large companies engages with your target audiences using effective content to attract new business through search engines and social media networks, emails, display networks and Video networks. Our team create contextual marketing messages on each digital media channel for your brand connecting to people via the internet to grow new customers and retain customers. 18flip agency promote your products and services messages through strategic marketing based on geographical, demographics and psychographics, user interest & user behavior to get more sales. We run search ads, image ads & PLA shopping ads, carousel ads, video ads and remarketing ads on behalf of your brand using optimal bid strategies on Google AdWords and Facebook ads manager, bing, Adroll and Youtube to make your marketing campaigns profitable. 18flip team develop suceed marketing strategies for your product or service to get success long-lasting with go-to-market (GTM) strategy and Product roadmap planning, Product positioning and messaging. We build landing pages with A/B testing and multivariate experiments that convert website visitors to Marketing-qualified leads (MQL) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs).

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Attract new audiences - Nurture Leads - Convert

18flip agency keep forefront your brand among the competitors using marketing funnels and sales funnels to reach wide audience and give huge sales your products or services. (TOP Funnel, Middle Funnel and Bottom Funnel)

18flip firm team transform your business to attracts & converts a group of visitors into leads by a systematic lead funnel approach. 18flip agency help brands to connect with their users in unique way with conversion centered design and content story to deliver good results. Looking agency/consultancy for grow your online business and offline business with right branding/digital marketing strategy? Our 18flip agency can cater to your business specific needs and objectives by marketing principles to improve brand equity, produce ROI-driven results and increase market share.

  • Ready to Grow Your Business and Brand With 18flip Digital Marketing Services? We are offering the below exhaustive digital marketing services to our clients:

  • Organic SEO: Do you need a digital SEO agency to optimize your enterprise website for search engines as well as users? 18flip agency optimize your website with business keywords to get top positions and massively increase website visibility in google search results and Quality Keyword Traffic using a quality search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and Local SEO strategy.
  • Content Marketing:Your business does not have a digital content marketing strategy to grow? 18flip team educates your audience through blogs, White Papers and ebooks, Digital PR, Native Advertising to trust on your brand.
  • Google Ads:Looking for pay per click (PPC) services to your website or pay per call services to your business? 18flip specialists help you get more website traffic & instant leads with Google Ads (Adwords) within your budget.
  • Social Media Marketing:Looking to connect your core audience on social media? 18flip social media team promotes your brand to engaging customers through Social listening.
  • E-commerce Marketing: Our 18flip professionals enhance various marketing aspects to your e-commerce store for get profits. (Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Average Order Value (AOV), Purchase Frequency, Shopping Cart Abandonment).
  • Retention Marketing: Our 18flip squad supports to improve your return on sales (ROS) from existing customers again through up-selling and cross-selling strategies.
  • Email Marketing: Our 18flip marketing competent design personalized email campaigns with A/B testing and email protocols to get potential online leads/conversions via your website.
  • Programmatic Advertising:Want to Generate More Customers from your local market? 18flip send promotional messages to segment audiences by automated program.
  • Affiliate Marketing: 18flip In-House troupes assist with identifying and recruiting new affiliates to boost your brand reputation.
  • Online Reputation Marketing: 18flip ORM experts monitoring your business on online marketing channels to increase authenticity from customer negative reviews and feedbacks.
  • Lead Generation Marketing: We take initiatives that aim to bring ideal customers and retain customers for your brand using perfect lead generation and demand generation strategies.
  • Web Analytics & Data Reporting: Our data analyst team executes efficient web analytics solutions are tag implementing, data collecting and data processing, data reporting. (Clicks, CTR, CPL, ROAS, CPA, eCPM, CRO, AOV, CPC, Bounce Rate, demographic insights, psychographics insights).

Our marketing services

We put forward paralleled marketing services such as media buying, product marketing, brand marketing and retargeting to grow our clients business so faster. 18flip firm makes extracting data from multi advertising channels and analyzing marketing intelligence data of your business website, making beautiful reports with charts and graphs through Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio.

Digital Marketing

18flip team create plan for your product/service marketing by digital media channels to keep you forefront in online marketplace.

Product Marketing

18flip team take initiatives for your Product Launch, GO-to-Market Strategy, Product positioning and messaging, Product performance tracking.

Brand Marketing

18flip team works for your brand analysis and audit. We will identify and reach the wider audience across your target market.

Digital Analytics

18flip analysts identify the user actions on your website by web analytics tools. ( Realtime Users Data, Audience Data, Acquisition Data, Website Behavior Data, Sale Conversion Data).

Media Buying

18flip managers help you buy ad space in Youtube and optimizing campaigns and realtime analytics data, price negotiations and ROI Analysis.

Data Reporting

18flip data analysts develop data reports such as search console, google ads & facebook ads, heatmap website data, enhanced ecommerce and other marketing Reports.

Our Work

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Our Team India

18flip agency having a team of digital marketing strategists, product marketing managers and brand managers to deliver exceptional work to our clients. 18flip team having these four interlocking competence with promotional strategy and product marketing, content development and producing, core online marketing tactics, advanced data analysis skills.


Krishna Reddy

Digital Analytics Head
Ranjith Reddy

Ranjith Reddy

Branding Strategist


Business Development Manager


Content Develop Strategist


1) Is It Worth Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore?

  • Absolutely, Yes. Bangalore city is a technology and IT, startup hub and plays an outstanding role in the digital marketing. Bangalore Internet marketing agencies/companies having huge competency to help brands connect to new customers in the digital world.
  • 2) Is your agency can produce digital creative banners for your clients’ branding? Is there an extra cost for this?

  • Yes. We create Ad banners in-house, at no additional cost.
  • 3) Why B2B & B2C enterprises hiring 18flip agency?

  • 18flip focuses primarily on marketing your brand online to get customer loyalty and love. We enhance startups and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) faster and bigger.
  • 4) Why should i outsource my business to 18flip agency?

  • If you outsource business to 18flip agency, You can get leads with less CPL and save more marketing budget by intent based marketing. We help enterprises to get more productivity by identify the right audience and performance marketing strategies. We scale your business with more efficient to take the right decision at the right time going forward.
  • 5) What kind of data reports will I receive?

  • We build web-based reporting dashboards through google data studio and giving you 24/7 access. We will provide website perpormance dimensions and metrics data reports (weekly, monthly) basis.
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